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Hello world! February 15, 2011

Filed under: Life — silimommy @ 9:13 pm

Hello! As I’m sure you can see this is my very first post! How exciting!!! This is also my very first blogging experience :).  As I’m sitting here in my “easy chair” my sweet little girl is crawling all over me and tickling my toes while singing “Happy to you, mommy” {hahaha}, no it’s not my birthday (daddy just got home and she is all kinds of excited)… How rude of me, I haven’t introduced you to my little family!

My formal introduction...

My husband Joseph, Myself (Amanda), & our little princess Ana Lou!

Well now that is taken care of! 🙂

Speaking of my little family my wonderful hubby who just came home from work, stopped into my favorite grocery store (Trader Joe’s) on his way home to pick up a few things… Well he always strays from the list (I can’t judge though), but it’s ok because he was thoughtful and bought me a few frozen entrees for my lunches! It’s the small things <3.

Well I guess I should end this for now and change a poopy diaper and start throwing supper together… Another Vegetarian meal tonight (my hubby is being so supportive and sweet). We’re having pinto beans, sliced tomatoes/onion, and corn bread (per my sweeties request). Have a great night YALL!!!


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