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Sleep and other things… February 17, 2011

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Well yesterday was quite uneventful… Probably the most interesting thing that happened yesterday was when I woke up… Not the waking up part (that always happens), but it was when I woke up and realized that I couldn’t roll over! I was aching all over. So I wriggled my way onto my back, half-way hanging off the bed and saw that Ana (my 21 mo. old daughter) was in the bed with us… It was 3 am and I was quite sure that 5 hours earlier I had gone to bed snuggled nice and close to my husband with no Ana… So when had she got into bed with us and more importantly HOW??? No one knows, not me or my husband. I’m sure Ana knows, but I don’t think she’ll be enlightening us any time soon.

This is a recurring problem for me. I have had, we’ll say a history, of talking and walking in my sleep since I was a little girl. Once my mom had to remove yank me up as I was sitting down into one of my dresser drawers (middle of the night), pajama bottoms and undies around my ankles and doing what appeared to be attempting to pee in my dresser! You’ll be relieved to know that she got me up and into the bathroom, but I never did anything, and to this day don’t remember any of it.

I assumed that this would all change when I became a mom, at least that was what I was told. Apparently this wasn’t the case for me… I wonder if this makes me any less of a mom, but then I realize that Ana is happy and healthy and that’s what matters. Not my sleeping habits, right?

Ana sleeping soundly in mommy and daddy's bed.


On another note last night I tried a new recipe! (I get excited about food). I made tuna casserole which was surprisingly delish ;). I can’t take credit for this one, it was a recipe I got from another blogger, but I will be adding it to my recipe page {coming soon}!

Well ^^^ that was yesterday. Today holds it very own excitements and frustrations (like trying to get in a double workout because yesterday was a complete FLOP in that department). 😦  Oh well….

My biggest excitement of today is getting ready for tomorrow (sad I know, but true). I joined a “meetup” group for moms and their children and we (Ana and I) will be attending our very first outing tomorrow! We will be going to an indoor play area, and I am really hoping to meet some nice moms, and that Ana will make some little friends too! It has been difficult at times for us since we have moved away from everyone we know (the closest family/friends are about an hour away). So hopefully this will be a great way to grow our circle and form new relationships!

Well I’m off for now to go do my domestic duties! (joy, joy) I’m not quite sure what we will be having for supper tonight,but if it’s anything interesting I will let you know!

Later 😉


One Response to “Sleep and other things…”

  1. Rechelle Says:

    I sure remember that!! It was a crazy night!!! Love ya babe!!

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