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Special Request {pt 1} February 18, 2011

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Today was the busiest day I have had in a while… That really isn’t saying much as most of my days are spent around the house, however it was busy.

 As I mentioned we went to our meetup group outing and had a ton of fun! Ana took a while to warm up, but once she did she wasn’t about to let me take her away from the place.

So we wound up being some of the last ones to leave but that’s cool with me. I got my $5 worth {lol}! I also met quite a few cool moms which was very exciting for me! Yay 🙂

After our little play time we had to get down to business… Well, ok shopping but hey, shopping is serious stuff! Right… Anywho, we had to find a birthday gift for a very special little girl (my niece) so we went to the mall. Of course we had to eat lunch, so we did that first… and boy was the first lunch a BIG mistake… I chose a yuck-o “Japanese” place and it was completely tasteless (ironically it was called “Vegetarian d’lite”-nothing delightful about it)… So I went on down to Subway! Veggie Sub = Happy Me! Don’t worry though Ana did eat a little of the Japanese rice, so it wasn’t a total waste.

Finally we got down to business and did our birthday shopping… Ok ok, I did buy myself 2 shirts, but I needed them! Really! While I was doin this shopping I was approached by a sweet lady (late 50’s early 60’s with a vey earthy vibe going on). She was shopping with her teenaged children and informed me that my little angel was asleep, and that I should take a picture… So I did which lead to a long conversation and her offering to take a pic of me with Ana (still asleep). So I let her (a little awkward, but she was cool so whatev)…


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