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Happy Time! February 19, 2011

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I love it when my husband is happy, even more so I love it when my hubby and daughter are happily doing something together! So this is why I usually write so late… It’s happy time, for all of us! You see, night-time (after supper) is about the only time my sweeties get together.

This is usually what happens…


Most nights Ana will crawl into daddy’s lap and snuggle down until she falls asleep or he decides to go “night night”… She of course has to go with him!

You may be wondering why I’m blogging about this, and the truth is… I don’t really know. It’s just one of those precious moments that I thought someone else may enjoy. As my husband told me tonight it makes him SO happy that they have this time together… It makes me happy too! It’s special daddy time, and a little girl is supposed to be daddy’s princess! {She so is!}

Completely unrelated…. I realized today that I have terrible road rage. I’ve gotta work on that.


Does it bother you when someone blows their horn at you?… (not if you’re at fault, like running them off the road). I’m talking about light turns green, 1.5 sec later {HONK}. Grrrrr :/

Well I’m pretty sure there is a snuggle fest going on that I need to join!

Nighty Night Yall!


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