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Absence… February 23, 2011

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For the past few days I have been feeling a little blue, mostly missing my family and friends back home. (That sounds so strange to me.) I know, I am only and hour and a half to two hours from all of my family and friends, but that is further than I have ever been. I was born and raised with my entire family all within 30 minutes of each other!

We were the epitome of an American family. We got together for every, and I mean every, holiday/birthday. We even had an annual “Women’s Week” vacation that all of the women in the family would go on. Of course over the years as our family grew (in leaps and bounds) things had to change some, still these changes were minor. Mainly moving family gatherings from Mamaw Betty Boop’s (my great-grand mother) house, to a hall. The only thing that did stop altogether was the “Women’s Week”. My great grandpa got sick so mamaw Betty Boop couldn’t leave him, and we couldn’t leave her…

So, as you can see I have never been away from my family for an extended amount of time. Even If I didn’t see someone for a few weeks, or even a month. I knew I could always call them up and get together, whenever… Now, that is no longer the case. My mom has 3 kids at home still, 17, 9 and 5! So needless to say between picking up from school, girl scouts, orthodontist appointments… and the list goes on. She can’t exactly jump in the car and drive 2 hours whenever she wants. My aunt also has her own kids from 13-7, my grandma is raising her 2-year-old step-grand-daughter, and my great grandma doesn’t like to drive much anymore… So my family is all busy with their own lives and kids, but they all have each other close by… I guess I just feel isolated? I’m not quite sure if that’s the right word for the situation because I’m not blaming anyone. I know this is what happens in life, it’s just a harder pill to swallow than I expected.

I guess the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, is true. Then again maybe it should read that “Absence make the heart grow heavy”… That’s how I feel right now… Thankfully I have a “Guide Book” if you will. That helps me out in my times of trouble, and a “Guide” who uses many ways to speak to me and show me that everything will be ok!

This is the inspiration sent to me from above, thru a FB friend…

 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. {Psalms 61:2}






5 Responses to “Absence…”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I know this must be hard for you this time alone and at the same time it is a growing time also, which I know later you will have learned a lot from. I am very close to my family also and I am so glad I have parents close by, but very often I miss my sisters and feel like I am missing out in things going on her their lifes, that’s why I talk to them everyday. Through it all, keep your head up and I am praying for God’s will and that He will bless you all. Sometimes the blessing He gives us are not the ones we count as a blessing, but I know God has you all there for a reason. I would be feeling just like you are or maybe worse if I was in your shoes, so I understand. I love you and I know I am working most everyday of the week, but text me anytime you want. You have lots of gifts in your life that God has bless you with and I know you use them for Him. You are being a blessing where God has put you and are been a great mother and wife to your husband. May God be with you and be your closest friend. To know Him more is my greastest desires!! Love you sis!!

    • silimommy Says:

      Thank you Ruthie… I know that God has us here for a reason, and his job alone is a miracle and blessing. I am so happy here and I love it, but at the same time I can’t help but miss everyone there too. You really don’t realize how much your family really means to you until you’re away from them… Love you too, and hopefully we can get the girls together soon. I grew up without any cousins so I really want Ana to be able to spend time with hers. Hopefully we will find another car soon and we can start planning stuff to get the girls together. Love you!

  2. Tabatha Says:

    I love you, girl and miss you, too. This was such a sweet blog entry! I can’t wait until we get a moment in our crazy schedule to come see you guys – and we WILL do it!
    Kiss my sweet Ana for me, too. I am really enjoying being connected by this blog to all that you guys are doing there! Keep it up!
    Aunt Tabatha (Booty)

  3. silimommy Says:

    Thank you aunt Tab! I’m glad you are enjoying it! (And I’m glad to know someone is reading it!) I really enjoy blogging so I’ll do my best to keep it up! We’ll be anxiously awaiting that visit! 😉 Love you!

  4. silimommy Says:

    For some reason all of my pictures didn’t post, but I think I have it fixed now… Didn’t want anyone to feel like I don’t miss them… I miss ALL of you! Just a computer (or maybe operator) error! 😉

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