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Shopping & Savings March 30, 2011

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Yesterday I took my husband on a trip to the local Whole Foods (another of our favorite groceries). We shop there a couple of times a month, but I don’t go there for a lot of my groceries because they are… well, expensive.

Yesterday was a different story. I went in with the mind-set of shopping on a budget! What I mean by that is, I was paying closer attention to prices and comparing value/using coupons!

With that being said I came out with more bang for my buck!

{* =sale, + =coupon, WF= Whole Foods}

  • 1 lb ground white turkey
  • 1 lb ground dark meat turkey
  • 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1/2 pt. blueberries
  • Ezekiel Cinnamon Rasin Bread
  • WF Organic tomato basil pasta sauce
  • 2 large lemons*
  • Organic Italian cheese+
  • Sour Cream+
  • Chiobani Greek Yogurt+
  • Fire Roasted tomatoes+
  • WF Sharp Cheddar
  • Silken Tofu
  • Dates
  • 4 bunches fresh broccoli

I got ALL of that for the grand total of {drum roll please}……. $44.94!!!!

This is everything I needed (and a little extra) for the makings of our next 3 suppers and leftovers for Joseph’s lunches!

Tuesday night: Dark turkey burgers topped with a tomato mixture on top of whole wheat english muffins served with spicy steamed broccoli.

Wednesday night: Tacos (made with turkey burger). I already had most of these ingredients at home and only needed the meat.

Thursday night: Grilled Chicken Parmesan with whole wheat pasta.

Friday: I will use the leftover cheeses and veggies to make a Frittata (with the eggs that I already have).

I also got all of the ingredients to make Lemon Cream with Ana!

  • 12 oz silken tofu
  • 1 tbsp lemon zest
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 8 pitted dates coarsely chopped
  • 1/8 tsp ground cardamom (which I didn’t have, and didn’t miss it in the taste)
  • fresh blueberries (to top)

I also added a drizzle of honey for sweetness

This stuff is so good! You would never know that it’s healthy! Top it with some fresh fruit and enjoy!


A Berry Good Breakfast! February 20, 2011

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So this morning I was trying to figure out what to eat and upon looking in my fridge I found my inspiration! This morning was perfect for a Granola Berry Mixer!

Start with your choice of berries fresh or frozen. Here I used  fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Drizzle the fruit with agave (or honey) and lemon juice, then heat the berry mixture for a minute or two in the microwave.

Mash up the fruit mixture with a fork, making a berry compote! ( I love that word “compote”)

Careful with the blueberries… they’re squirters!

Now add the granola…

… and mix in a little “moot” for creaminess (Moot=Milk at our house) 😉

Of course no breakfast is complete without COFFEE!!!! Viola, there you have it! My fantabulous Granola Berry Mixer!!! SOOO delicious!

Now I’m off to take care of my hubby… His back is all messed up so he is out of comission for the day.

Peace and Love


Special Request {pt 2} February 18, 2011

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This is what caught her eye…

Kodak Moment 🙂

So anyways, after all of this fun stuff it was time to get the hubs from work and go to… TJ’s!!! Whoop whoop!!! And would you guess that my husband actually asked me to make something specific for supper! (Doesn’t happen often). You know what he wanted? Pintos and corn fritters… again!!! He said they were just SO good he wanted them again 🙂

A poor man’s supper never tasted SOOO good!

4 cans pintos (TJ”S organic)

1/2 onion chopped

1 tbsp minced garlic

2 tbsp oil

2 packets of GOYA “Sabor a Jamon”(or substitute liquid smoke and a pinch of brown sugar)

Sautee onions & garlic in oil. Add the remaining ingredients, heat thru and VIOLA!

Simple but fabulous!

Well that’s it for today! Adios 😉