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It’s All About Me! ;) February 15, 2011

Hello! I guess I’ll start by telling you a little about myself… My name is Amanda and I’m 23 years old (I still think of myself as being 19, I don’t know how I got to 23), I am very happily married (have been for 3 years now), and my husband and I have a sweet little girl Ana Lou (ah-nuh… not anne-uh) who will be 2 years old in May!

We recently moved to the upstate of SC (Greenville to be exact) and we couldn’t be happier! We feel that we are exactly where we should be and that is a wonderful feeling! God has been so good to us and through it all (which in just three years we have been through a lot). I know we are on our way to being exactly what and where He wants us to be and I am so thankful for His Grace and Mercy in our lives. {What can I say Jesus is the first love of my life}.

Through this blog I hope I can inspire you to try new things, be courageous, love deeply and most importantly let my light shine in the darkness… {I know high hopes for a blog, but I like to aim high}!

Love, Peace and Happiness


    {AKA Silimommy}


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